About Us

Baysideloans.com is not a direct lender company that provides loans. We do not offer loans in the first place; however, we provide services that connect borrowers with direct lenders throughout the country.

We work with various payday lenders and are able to find the most appropriate match to your loan request. All our partners are licensed lenders with the respectable history of responsible lending.

Depending on the request and the state laws, loan amount can vary. So do the rates of interest. In order to get the rates, check our rate finder. The maximum amount of a loan is $1000 for a first-time borrower.

All the lenders we work with have clear pricing as well as flexible term options. None of our lender partners carry out credit checks; thus, all customers are eligible to apply with no regards to their credit score state. Bad credit is not a problem if a loan is what you need in your current financial situation.


Due to the short-term nature, our loans are easy to obtain. Here are the information that our lender partners ask to provide:

  • proof of income
  • proof of employment
  • ID
  • proof of legal age (over 18)
  • the U.S. citizenship
  • an active checking account

We are very glad to provide our borrowers with the financial help they need, frequently urgently. And we do our best to provide you with the loan option that meets your needs in the best way possible.

At Baysideloans.com we make sure that our solutions are really the ones that tailored to meet your needs. We take the role of lender-borrower mediator quite seriously and do our best to help our customers with the money they need in the most convenient and fast way possible.

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